Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach (sport-utility) Bathrobe
First Edition The Winnifred Beach (sport-utility) Bathrobe
combines the function of technical outerwear with the simple comfort of a bathrobe. Designed for use both in and out of home and made from organic bamboo-cotton fleece with brushed nylon panels and pockets. 

Handcrafted in California, the robe is perfect for general lounging, apres surfing, canine walking and coffee running.

The design is inspired by the rugged yet relaxing Winnifred Beach in Portland, Jamaica. Unfortunately the chill vibes at this community beach are currently under threat by outside developers, please visit for more information.  

Watch the video that Kickstarted it all.

"A comfortable postshower coverup but also functions as a rugged trench that you won’t get arrested for wearing on the street."
- The New York Times